Moto G: Unable to download any apps from Play Store

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Moto G: Unable to download any apps from Play Store

Beitrag von faelanstevie » 07.03.2018, 13:39


I just received my moto G 16gb last week and the 1st thing I tried was to download whatsapp. But I found the play store taking a long time to load. When I selected the 'instal' , I found no response. I thought there was net connection problem n decided to try later but faced the same problem every time. I noticed I could not download any app thereafter. I tried with WiFi too but the download starts n stops after a few seconds when I again have to manually off- re on the data to start again. I noticed if any call comes the downloading restarts temporarily.
I contacted the customer care centre n they advised me to switch off, restart mobile/ clear cache partition/ do factory reset. I did all these but the problem is still present.
I could however upgrade to KitKat uninterruptedly albeit bit slow. I can browse the net, but am getting lesser speed than with my previous blackberry curve on the same net plan?

Please help.

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