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Privacy policy

App data and passwords

BoxToGo stores its databases, settings and FRITZ!Box credentials in the protected memory of the smartphone or tablet. Passwords are stored encrypted. Downloaded voice and fax messages and FRITZ!Box phone book photos are cached in SD card/Android/data/de.almisoft.boxtogo.

App launch

If necessary, you can secure the launch of BoxToGo with a password, so that, in case of loss of the smartphones, the access is prevented.

Encrypted data traffic

The connection between BoxToGo and FRITZ!Box is SSL encrypted. It is a direct communication between smartphone and the FRITZ!Box without (!) going over a computer of Alexander Miehlke Softwareentwicklung (AlMiSoft).

DynDns alternative "BoxToGo DynDns"

If you don't want to use MyFRITZ! or an external Dynamic DNS provider, a free DynDns similar service named "BoxToGo DynDns" is available. If activated, BoxToGo always sends the current IP address of the FRITZ!Box to almisoft.de. BoxToGo receives the IP address from almisoft.de and can connect to the FRITZ!Box. The IP address is stored at almisoft.de under the FRITZ!Box-ID, which is set in BoxToGo by the customer. The date of the last update, the date of last access and the count of accesses is stored in addition to the FRITZ!Box ID and the IP address at almisoft.de. If BoxToGo DynDns is not used over a longer period, the data will be deleted. The IP updating and retrieving are SSL encrypted.

External rendering

QR codes and pdf documents are rendered on almisoft.de for storage and performance reasons. The data is encrypted and deleted immediately after processing.

Call access

If the Integration is activated and the Broadcast mode is selected in the settings under Callthrough & Dial helper, BoxToGo reads out dialed telephone numbers on the device. Phone numbers are prefixed with Durchwahl. The telephone numbers are not stored, processed or sent to almisoft.de or third parties.

Speech-to-text (only BoxToGo Pro)

BoxToGo can convert voice messages from the answering machine into readable text. If you want to use this feature (and only then), the conversion is done by Huawei (when you buy via the Huawei AppGallery) or Google (when you buy via the Google Play Store). To do this, the voice messages are uploaded to the respective service.

Background location access

To notify about new calls, voice messages and faxes, BoxToGo connects every 10 min. (adjustable) to the FRITZ!Box in the background, even if the app is closed. In order for this connection to take place with the correct FRITZ!Box address, BoxToGo must determine whether the smartphone is in the WiFi of this FRITZ!Box. In order to detect its own WiFi, BoxToGo needs access to the location, even in the background. The determined WiFis are only compared with your own, but are not stored in any way or sent to third parties.

App updates

BoxToGo checkes for updates or new features at the first start and once a day and displays corresponding screen messages. The following data are transferred to almisoft.de, but not saved: phone model, Android version, BoxToGo version, FRITZ!Box model(s), checksums, IP address. This data is required only for the determination of new features or other version or model-specific messages, but not further used.

Copy protection (only BoxToGo Pro)

If there is reasonable suspicion of piracy, the following data will be transmitted to almisoft.de and stored: phone model, Android version, BoxToGo version, FRITZ!Box model(s), checksums, IP address.